About Me

Hi, I'm Katie

(your photographer)

I’m a lover of early mornings, train travel, dinner parties, Tom Petty, the ocean in the winter, rye old fashioneds, imperfection, and large dogs. I married my love in our backyard in late summer of 2019 and we danced our first dance at our local dive bar while I sported a pink wig. I love tradition and ritual but I love inventing our own traditions just as much.

We purchased a home in the little Northern Vermont town of St. Albans, VT and have been pouring all our love and time into fixing it up and making it our own, surrounding ourselves with souvenirs from travels together and apart, artwork we’ve collected and made ourselves, and antiques we’ve found on lucky thrifting trips. I get a lot of my inspiration from weddings and value creating a space where loved ones can gather over good food and wine and music and create memories together.